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Tell stories that change the world.

Why an arctic fox as a logo?

Why the fox in the red circle?-  The red circle is widely understood as the symbol for recording. The fox inside the circle represent the values we have as a company and the story we capture after pushing record.

Owner: Samuel Johnston

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

J42 Productions is owned by Samuel Johnston. Even as a kid, he had a video camera in is hand. As he grew older, he used the power of video in every job he had.

After spending years of specializing on editing, animation, and graphic design, Sam decided to take his knowledge from post-production and take control of the entire creative process. Now he is proficient in the pre-production planning and filming techniques; all while maintaining excellence in the post-production aspects.

In today's face paced, competitive, it is crucial that you make a good impression with the demographic you are trying to reach. Samuel Johnston can tell the story of your company through video that resonates with the right people. He creates professional, high-quality videos that will cause people to remember your name and elevate your company above the rest. With clients all over the world, we are truly dedicated to our mission.

Samuel Johnston videographer owner of J42 Productions
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